Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Hay is Falling, The Hay is Falling!!

Late Saturday afternoon, off the coast near Lincoln City, about 65 miles away, there was a 2.9 shaker.  How did I know that, since it didn't even make the news, you ask?  Well, after going out to the barn and seeing what happened out there, I came back in and searched and sure enough, there it was on the Wunderground site.

What a pain, too.  Dale had to restack it all, at least all the bales that didn't pop open and spew all over the place.  We piled up the loose stuff to feed out first, but we had to get everything stacked so that Kris can bring the 10 ton in with his squeeze hopefully in the next few days.  If it could have waited just a week longer....

You can see an egg, untouched, in the nest on one of the three untouched stacks

Bad Cat and Good Cat take advantage of a cozy place to snuggle up

Ready for the new hay

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