Wednesday, November 7, 2012

So Pretty, So Deadly

Ah.  Isn't that a pretty pepper?  So nicely shaped, and look at that wonderful colour!  Would you guess that this pretty thing is a monster in disguise?  This is a Scotchbonnet Orange hot pepper.  Not sure exactly where on the Scoville scale it is, but I know it's up near 1,000,000 units.  A few nights ago, I sauntered out to the greenhouse for one to put in the tamale pie for dinner.  I finally gave up and just potted this one and grew it strictly in the greenhouse this year, which proved to be the right choice, finally.  So, having plucked this fair beauty, I proceded to chop it finely for the pie.  Now, I like hot peppers and so does Dale, especially since he can't smell anything.  He needs spice to taste stuff.  As I was dicing the pepper, I started to notice a little burning in my eyes and nose.  After I finished, I washed my hands really, really well with soap and hot water.  A few minutes later, I dabbed a finger into the sour cream (I love sour cream) and took a taste.  A microsecond later, I was scrambling for the refrigerator and the milk carton.  And I still think it left blisters on my lips.

Needless to say, only a tiny portion went into the pie, and that was just enough to kick things up to a good, spicy level.  The rest went into the freezer for future use.  I can't wait to pickle these guys.  My little bros are gonna get special Xmas gifts this year....

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  1. oh yeah, real special. (BEG) I'm not sure I can even be in the same room as a Scotchbonnet. Just glad you didn't rub or eyes or anything. BTW, sugar also works to get rid of the burning sensation. Wow.