Saturday, November 17, 2012

Smokin' Hot, Baby

Yeah, not what ya thought, eh?  My experiment with smoking the hottest peppers on the planet - Scotch Bonnet Orange and Hot Paper Lantern - on the baddest smoker on the planet, the MAK 2 Star General, made right here in Dallas, Oregon, about an hour north of the ranch.  You may recall the blog posts from when we aquired this monster in the summer of 2011, from local icon Hurd's Hardware in Harrisburg (Oregon, not Pennsylvania), as in having to come home and pick up Really Big Red and go back and get it, as there was no way that monster was going in the Jellybean.  And, it took Big Orange to unload it out of the SuperDuty.

Growing both peppers in pots in the greenhouse from seeds right thru to harvests I found was the only way to grow them up here, and it worked out well.  A few of each are in the freezer, but I really wanted to try smoking them to make Dynamite Dust.  I just thought that would be a good way to utilize their fire in VERY small amounts.  I went to the experts at on the MAK forum for help, and got plenty, especial thanks to Muebe from SoCal.

Anyway, the Hot Paper Lanterns spent 5.3 hours on pure Smoke and the Scotch Bonnets took almost 10 hours total, all on the right side of the grill with the flame cover in place, on a Miracle Mat.  All I did was wash, dry and split 'em (and yes, once again I managed to blister my lips even after repeated washing of my hands - you think I'd learn), and after they were done, allow them to cool, then into one of the grinder jars that I kept for no particular reason for years, but found a use for, and a delightful one at that.  I've got a load of Ginger and Honey chicken marinating in the fridge for tomorrow night's wok adventure, and mixed in with the soyu, Aji Mirin, grated lemon peel, our very own honey off our hives, ground ginger is a dash of Dynamite Dust.

I just hope I forget to lick the bowl this time.

Picked, washed and ready to be split

On the Miracle Mat, just gettin' started

The Baddest Smoker on the Planet

2.5 hours into it.  Outside temp is 49 degrees.  I was hoping it would be warmer
4 hours.  The Hot Paper Lanterns are lookin' mighty good

5.3 hours and time to pull off the Lanterns.  Moved the Scotch Bonnets to the other side.  They will go almost a full 10 hours before perfection

Lanterns ready to go into the grinder jar

A little work with the end of a wooden spoon to break them up a bit

With the addition of the Scotch Bonnet Orange, ready to go to work


  1. waiting to hear how this turned out...

  2. Well, it turned into kind of a stroganoff style chicken. Dale was tired of wok and wanted something with starch, lots of it. I was kinda not thinking that this marinade was exactly stroganoff style, but you know something? It actually worked really, really well. The peppers added a nice, zingy bite but nothing over the top. He even ate the lima beans (I do stroganoff a bit different than usual with a bevy of frozen veggies added and cream of chicken soup instead of cream of mushroom).