Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's Flying Christmas Tree Time

And a prettier day to watch the chopper fly we couldn't have planned for.  Right across the road from the ranch is Herb's place, which he leases a huge portion of to our buddy Jose to run Xmas trees on.  This time of year, they are really ramping up production, with trees flying thru the air and rumbling over the road, headed right now to other countries such as Mexico and South America.

Such a ballet of speed and precision needs to be seen in person to be appreciately fully

Looking NW from Park Road just west of Bellfountain Park, across the road from the ranch.  Such a lovely view, this.  You can see the chopper beginning his run just to the left of the white building near centre of the pix

A bundle of trees heading for the drop zone
Just a pretty pix

Swinging in for the pickup.  Dale, being taller, took this shot from the edge of Park Road.  You can see how many trees are down, bundled and ready for pickup in that swath.  There's a whole lot more ready to be cut up further on the hill

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