Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Weather Season

I love seasons.  After 30 years of SoCal seasons - hot and dry spring, summer and fall and warm and dry winters - it's just been so much fun to have four actual seasons.  Sure, there's a lot more work involved in actually having seasons.  The summers here are the 're' season, as in repaint, repair, replant, replace, rebuild.  You work your butt off doing 're' stuff so that you're ready for the rest of the seasons.  But nothing, and I do mean nothing, beats sitting in front of the blazing pellet stove on a dark, cold and rainy winter's eve, listening to the rain on the roof, sipping something comforting and reading a good book.  Or slipping between the fleecy sheets with two blankets, a quilt and two fuzzy butt warmers (Cricket and Gem the BC) on a cold, snowy night.  Watching Pony the ancient Saddlebred buck and kick and snort and race around in the cold, frosty air, feeling his oats.  Black sheep with blankets of frost on their backs.  Cow breath blowing in clouds at the gate for the evening feed.  The sweet smell of woodsmoke on the air for the morning packwalk.  Blankets of white on the mountains.  Yeah, there's a lot of work getting ready for the fall and winter up here but it's sure worth it.

The greenhouse is slowly getting filled.  Potted peppers on the ground are still producing loads

A fine fall morning, looking east, with the 'October Glory' maples along Dawson Road entertaining the cows

THAT was a day - that little snowflake icon?  An hour later, I was doing the evening feed in the middle of a snowshower!  Didn't stick - too wet and too warm - but sure was cool to see.  Really wanted the clouds to lift to see how much white was on Green Peak but they never did

A perfect ending to a blustery day

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  1. Hmmm. I guess I wouldn't know if I like seasons. I've only visited them. Never lived with them. The last couple of years, what seasons we have seem to have shifted by at least a month. So instead of July and August feeling hottest, its September and October. No wonder I'm always surprised by the winter holidays.