Monday, October 1, 2012

Surf City Dogs

Saturday we decided to take the day off from ranch stuff and getting ready for the winter rains - which may eventually show up, hopefully - and head to our fave restaraunt on the coast, The Adobe ( in Yachats (pronounced, believe it or not, 'YAH hots').  My little bro Stan and his wife Steph had gotten us a gift card after their visit here in July and we were working hard at it, many thanks to them for that.  So we loaded up Cricket and the ol' man Ho Dog in the Jellybean and headed out for a nice, relaxing day freezing our butts off.

It's Ho Dog.  Of course he's barking.  It's what he does.  Great shot from Dale and the ancient Canon ELPH
The Pacific wasn't so pacific on Saturday

What is it with Cricket and that tongue of hers???

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  1. A part of me is convinced you managed to find look-alike stand ins for Ho and Cricket. They both look too clean. And Cricket's look-alike has her figure back, and doesn't look like she's blown her coat. Very clever. You even found a dog that does the tongue thing. :-)