Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Crater Lake 2012

First, a warning.  If you have dial up, don't even bother to try the slideshow.  I had to leave most of these full sized just because they were too good to crop.  And, speaking of camera and pictures - this is me, with my trusty point-and-shoot Canon S100, using Adobe 7 to download, crop as needed and rename the pictures.  That's IT.  No special lens.  No talent to speak of in manipulating photos in Adobe or any other software.  The colour you see in the pictures below is EXACTLY the colour of the lake and sky, untouched in any way, shape or form.  Which is why you should go.  This one destination should be on everyone's bucket list and no better time to go than right now.  Most of the tourists are gone, the air is crisp and clean, with the rain and snow up there recently new green is popping up all over, and your window is closing rapidly.  For example, today marks one day shy of one year ago when we went to Crater Lake.  It was bone-chillingly cold and most disappointedly, foggy as all get-out.  If you go back to the blog from last October, you'll see all I could get, which wasn't much at all.  But when we pulled up to the overlook this time, it simply took my breath away.  And kept doing so every time we pulled up to an overlook.  Due to time constraints we weren't able to go around the entire lake, but next year we plan to do so via the Park Service Trolley, so someone else can do the driving.  There is also a boat tour and you can debark on Wizard Island for the day if you like, and swim in the VERY cold water if you dare.

We took the two old guys with us, just to give them a break from those young girls back at the ranch for the day.  Plus, Ho Dog would never hear of being left behind anyway.  They definitely enjoyed the treats they got at every coffee stop along the way there and back.  At one point, we had to tell the gal at the last coffee stop in Crescent to NOT feed Hoke anymore biscuits, no matter how sad eyed he looked at her.

It was a beautiful day for a long drive.  The fall colours are really ramping up over the Willamette Pass on Hwy 58, which coupled with the clean air and virtually no traffic until the construction at the Salt Creek Tunnel, made for a pleasant, relaxing trip.

Remember to click on the first picture for the slideshow and enjoy!

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  1. Oh, those are incredible shots. Thanks for sharing that lovely scenery. Sigh. Camera envy. I've got it. Weather envy too. It was HOT here yesterday!