Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rogue to Rogue Two

It was a perfect day to head to Newport on the coast (of Oregon, not CA) and help Tim and I realize a long-standing wish - to visit the Rogue Brewery and do a sample tray.  So with Dale generously playing the part of DD, we did exactly that.  Of course, on the way home we stopped off at Oregon Oyster Farm in Toledo (again, Oregon and not Ohio) and the guys picked up 3 dozen shells full of snail mucous, which they then proceeded to steam, smoke and eat all night long around the fire pit out on the deck.  The Rogue visit was a bit off due to the Duck game, which made for large crowds and a bit of a wait for a spot at the bar, but in the end, it was so totally worth it all.  It was kind of funny to see the difference Tim and I had in beers - my tray was almost totally dark, and his, not so much.  In the end, I went home with a big bottle of Old Crusty Brandywine and another of Double Chocolate Stout.  Don't ask, I'm NOT sharing.

Tim pauses for a moment of silence before entering the brewery

A small portion of Rogue's offerings

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