Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pickling Peppers

The weather cooled just about perfectly in time to start the canning/preserving routine.  The main reason everyone freezes their berries is that you don't want to be canning in the heat of summer - better to do so when it's cooler out so that you don't heat up the kitchen for no good reason.  This week for me has been roasting tomatoes and pickling peppers.  We started the week on Monday at 87 degrees and by Wednesday we weren't even into the 60's!  So imagine roasting tomatoes when it's so nice and cool out; the smell is enough to make your mouth water with thoughts of thick, rich pasta sauces and chili served in freshly baked sourdough bowls. 

My mom wanted some peppers, but she didn't want any hot ones, so I unloaded the 'Sweet Pickle' and 'Sweet Havana' bushes a few days ago and made some colourful pickled peppers for her that are more to the sweet side of things.  Once they've cured for about a month, I'll pop open a jar and make sure they are just as I hope they are, and then I'll send a load off to Wisconsin.

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  1. Dusty pickled a peck of pretty peppers,...
    I'm jealous of the tomatoes.