Monday, September 10, 2012

Ladies Wine Tour 2012

Dale was off to his usual monthly poker game (which he won) down at the Coburg Grange, it was hot as all get-out (for us, the two SoCal gals barely noticed it), and Katrina was leaving the next day to fly home with her new puppy.  That meanit it was time to go wine tasting!  So we piled into Really Big Red, cranked up the a/c, and headed out to a couple of local faves - Pfieffer, Brigadoon, and of course Benton-Lane.  A good time was had by all (I was the DD, but I was fine with that), a lot of wine was drunk, bottles bought and then we came home, got the evening feed out of the way and piled the burgers on the grill and sat around the fire pit as the evening cooled down, fixing the politcal system in our country and solving a fair number of worldly problems before collapsing into our beds (and couch, in Katrina's case).

Days like this are all too rare in our hurry up society.  I vote for more wine tasting and less war and politics

Kat and Shelly in the Pfieffer tasting cave

Kat and Shelly show off some of Robin and Danuta's (Pfieffer) pinot grapes, barely a few weeks from harvest

Seriously, I was the DD and wasn't drinking!  The Pfieffer gardens

Pfieffer's gardens

On the run to the Brigadoon tasting room.  We got their with only 10 minutes to spare, but Steve the winemaker was in no hurry to shut the place down

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