Monday, September 10, 2012

Homestead Crab Feed 2012

Every year about this time, Don and his boys haul a coupla boats to the coast and go crabbing.  They then set up a big crab feed up at the homestead where you can eat yourself into a coma if you wish with fresh crab and steamer oysters.  This year we made it up there on Sunday after spending an hour or so Saturday aimlessly driving the putt-putt up and down the trails on the mountain trying to find the homestead.  See, every time I go up there with Don I'm usually listening to him talk and NOT paying attention to which fork in the trail we take.  And, to add to the confusion, they did a clear cut along the trail which means it totally didn't look right to me, even though that was the right trail.  But, Dale, Ho Dog and I took a nice, leisurely tour on Saturday before finally getting there on Sunday

One of the trails.  Not the right one, but pretty nonetheless

Turns out this was the right trail, we just didn't go far enough up it.  Nice view of Green Peak

Tooling along Dawson Road, headed to the homestead turnoff.  Ho Dog enjoying the ride as always

On Sunday, we finally made it.  Ho tries to get in on a game of beanbag toss

You might not know it, but everyone around the firepit is so stuffed with crab they simply can't move, including Don (furthest left) and Dale (somewhere in the smoke)

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