Monday, September 10, 2012

Goodbye Timber

The goodbye's started on Thursday.  Timber and Gypsy left the fold on that day, the first to head home (or, in Timber's case, almost home).  Kathy and Dave flew back to Poway, California with Gypsy and 'Montana' Judy headed back to Whitetail with Timber for a few months of training before he too headed home to Meisner, Germany and the family eagerly awaiting him - Michaela, Matthias, Finn, Annika and Falc.

The pix were almost all taken by our ace photog, Dale and his awesome Nikon D7000.  I've included all the candids as well, as some of them are kinda funny.  If you've ever tried to corral 5 adult dogs and one puppy (and the puppy owner(s)) for a photo shoot, you'll appreciate the good ones and nod your head at the rest.

Enjoy, and don't forget to click on the first one to start the slideshow!

Great-great Auntie Shae (blue merle), great uncle Ho Dog, momma Cricket, Baby Timber, daddy Hoke and big sister Sybil.  More or less

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