Monday, September 10, 2012

Goodbye Sougan/Freya

Katrina, with hubby Chan and kids Ellen and Robert lost their Jazzee daughter (also a Shae sister) Jarrah in November last year and Katrina flew in from San Diego to pick up her puppy on Friday.  We did manage to get a full afternoon of wine tasting in, us girls, coming up in another post.  It was a Skype session with the family back home on puppy choosing day, and in the end, it was Sougan/Freya (Ellen's chosen name) that got the bath and the plane ride on Saturday.

Katrina gets a quick wardrobe change while big sister Sybil, momma Cricket and daddy Hoke watch, and Great uncle Ho Dog and Great-great Auntie Shae studiously ignore everyone

Great uncle Ho Dog, Great-great Auntie Shae, big sis Sybil, momma Cricket (again, seemingly aware that yet another child is going away) and daddy Hoke (secretly glad)
Now daddy Hoke seems to be saying 'Thank GOD!'.  He's something of a deadbeat dad, that guy

Dale shows Sougan/Freya how to surf via iPad.  These guys are pretty darn smart, so she'll probably pick it up in no time, and like Dale and I, she'll hate Safari with a passion

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