Monday, September 17, 2012

Empty Nest

It was kinda like moving day, taking down all the puppy stuff today.  Sort of sad, but in a good way.  A bunch of people got furry bundles of joy (for now, anyway), and we spent a hot afternoon remembering all the funny stuff as we took down the pen.

An empty nest, yet still filled with furry bundles of joy - just older ones

The now empty deck, with the Xpens and mats and all loaded into the putt-putt awaiting a ride to the old red barn for storage

Once full of puppy growls and barks (and some howls), now empty except for the damn yellowjackets buzzing around us as we worked

Those of you who spent enough time here knew about the puppy hole by the side of the garage - now filled in, no longer with furry puppy butts but plain ol' dirt and gravel

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