Monday, September 3, 2012

Duck Dog - Hoedad

Hoedad's turn.  This little tanker was AFTER them ducks!  Reminded me a lot of Hank from 2 years ago - barely a moment's hesitation at the start, and then it was off to the races.

Just a note - the ducks are NOT being abused.  It's 48 degrees out, and they started moulting a few days ago.  The pups aren't stressing them at all; they get all honky and flappy when the cows walk by the pen.  None of the pups even got near enough to put a paw on them, let alone a tooth.

Love Hoedad's ears here

What a nice walk up from a 7 week old pup his first time out!

He's doing some nice rating here

Check out that intensity!

This is the start of a really cool series - many thanks to the photog, Dale, and his amazing Nikon D7000.  Check out the eye on that pup already!  Good thing he really doesn't look anything like a Border Collie
He gets a little too close and backs off a bit - pretty cool for a youngster to do that rather than dive right in and cause a train wreck

Pulling them off the fence - not sure that's what he planned, but then again, he probably didn't really have a plan at this point
Love the nub!

No, not a pointer, an Aussie

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