Monday, September 3, 2012

Duck Dog - Gypsy

This past weekend was a cool and comfortable one, just perfect for the first outing on ducks for the pups.  A radical difference between the two litters - 2 years ago, we had tons of interest from most of the pups.  This time, almost exactly the opposite - Hoedad and Sougan had the most interest and drive, and everyone else ranged from 'huh, what ducks?' (Spot, Timber) to 'hmmmm, interesting.  But the cows outside are really cool!' (everyone else).  All the pups showed interest at some point, just most would rather explore the pen and stare down the three heifers than do anything about those feathered things waddling around in front of Ho Dog.  But, figuring that 2 years ago the three least interested pups - Sybil, Jan and Tazz - turned into magnificent working dogs, it was more for something new to do than figuring out who the next WTCH would be.

Dale was the photog for the event, with his Nikon D7000, and a fine job he did!

Gypsy in this set.  She had a little interest off and on, but mostly she was into the heifers outside the pen.  Don't forget to click the pix!

Love momma's eye here

There she is, my little fuzzy Saddlebred in full rack!  Love the back leg

More Saddlebred action

Dale was doing great catching her racking after the ducks

Meeting Baroness the heifer

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