Monday, September 10, 2012

Dramatic Departure

Leaving the ranch Saturday early afternoon with their new puppy Sawyer, Brandi and Trevor got something of a rude surprise.  Just as they were pulling up to the road, I heard that sound - a heavy crack followed by the sound of large timber crashing thru limbs and leaves.  I was screaming for them to stop when Trevor looked up and saw the debris headed his way.  He stopped and backed up as the top of one of the ancient Oregon white oaks gave way and came partially down.  It wouldn't have hit them except with small twigs and leaves, but there was still some big chunks of it up about 80 feet that hadn't come down yet.  We gave them the go ahead and off they went.  Not more than a few minutes later, one of the big chunks came crashing to the ground, stripping the limbs from the big Doug next to it.  But two big limbs remained lodged up high, one of which is probably fairly secure, but the other could come down at any time.

Looks like another one of the old soldiers will be coming down soon.  A real crying shame, but sometimes, that's just the way it goes

Aftermath of the big one coming down

Dale uses his really big chainsaw to cut the big limb up enough that Big Orange call pull it over to the trailer.  It was so big and heavy that we couldn't budge with until it was cut up

A small portion of the big limb

One of the yearling wethers wears Xmas decorations a bit early, a piece of the Doug that we dumped out in their pasture

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