Monday, September 17, 2012

And Finally, Goodbye Sweep

Yes, it was a sad day Sunday.  The very last of the 2012 Hoke and Cricket kids, little Miss Sweep, was boarding a plane for Lost Wages that very afternoon with her new owner Tim in tow.  She was quite the hit at the Eugene airport, where even the TSA gal had to come get some puppy lovin'.  Gotta love small airports!

So, today Dale and I took down everything and loaded it into the putt-putt to go back into the old red barn.  It was awful quiet around the joint, except of course whenever Ho Dog decided that something needed to be barked at, and when the cows got hungry (they're always hungry) and started yelling for dinner.  Then it was more or less back to normal.

I'm getting a lot of nice reports from the gang, and some pix from Gypsy's flight home to Poway, California that I need to get on the blog, plus Shelly's got a nice set of Rowyn (Hoedad) pix on Flickr and Katrina has started a Shutterfly group for all of the puppies that I'll post as soon as she gives me the address.  It's always interesting now to see how they all grow up, and of course you'll be able to follow along right here as well.

You know what they say about owners and their dogs looking alike....except the whole hair thing, in Tim's case
Great uncle Ho Dog, big sister Sybil, momma Cricket and daddy Hoke (secretly glad the last one's gone)
Now there's a happy duo!
I had to, because of Cricket's tongue

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  1. I was at work on Sunday. Trevor and Sawyer came and picked me up. Too bad that we must have missed them!