Sunday, August 19, 2012

Yes - More Precious Puppy Faces

'What do you mean, "how was my day?" - feeding 7 hungry piranhas and cleaning up after then as well as protecting them from the killer Border Collie and their older sister Sybil - remember your daughter Sybil? - why, what did YOU do all day?'  Dad Hoke and mom Cricket get a little downtime on the couch

Now that's one hyper almost 5 week old puppy there.  Spot gets comfy in my arms

No, momma Cricket isn't always feeding 7 hungry piranhas; sometimes, I am and I've got the stampede marks on my feet to prove it

Sawyer the red merle male looks so sweet and innocent.  I think he's going to end up looking a lot like daddy Hoke
2 years ago, it was Cody (Wisconsin).  This year, it's his twin sister Sougan 'I am about to explode but I know I can force down ONE more mouthful if I really try'

Timber in a very rare moment standing still.  Not standing pretty, just still for long enough to snap a shot

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