Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The First Car Ride

It was time for their very first car ride (and crate time), so it being a perfect day for it, not too hot, I loaded them up in the Jellybean two at a time, loaded up Ho Dog and told Cricket to get her butt in there as well.  We did a relatively short loop of about 9 miles, and for the first two, we stopped in to see my buddy Jan at the Resale Shop in Monroe for a moment.  Everyone else just got a ride without any perks other than strange and exciting smells (a field fire added some spicy smokiness).  It was funny that the two I thought would be the best turned out to be the worst, and the last group of three were the best by a mile, with the two in the middle starting out a bit vocal but then settling down quickly.  We will continue to take short trips in the crate for the rest of the time they are here, using both the truck and the Jellybean, and even handheld in the putt-putt one at a time.  Cricket and I moved the sheep to the working arena and Hoke will put the ducks in the round pen for the puppies to work probably next week.

I have been shooting the bull barrel .22 Ruger pistol near the puppy pen for two days now, will continue with that.  They don't take any notice of the shooting.  I also plan to pull the tractor up near the pen and let it idle a bit then run it back and forth some.  And, the cows - yes, they have started to notice the cows!  Of course, doesn't help when sister Sybil and daddy Hoke go charging the fence when the cows stray too close.

Hard to believe next Monday they get their CERF exam and then the next weekend they are almost all leaving!  It's hard for Dale to let go of them.  He was talking to Brandi, who is getting one, and telling her that if it were up to him he'd keep them all.  He tends to forget that whole 'teenage' thing they go thru and how Sybil barely survived it when she went thru it!  Times 7? 

And the slideshow feature is working again!  Click on the first shot to start.

Momma Cricket, great uncle Ho Dog and the two girls Spot and Sougan, the first pair to go.  They whined almost the whole time, but when they came out of the crate (on their own), their tails were wagging madly

Sawyer and Hoedad were pretty darn good, and yes, both tails wagging upon exiting the crate

The final group, Timber and Sweep in the back, Gypsy up front.  Never a peep, not ONE

I literally had to wake them all up when we got home

Sweep and Timber, not concerned at all in the crate with the door open.  I can't believe how much Timber looks like a young Ho Dog here!  It's the eyes I think, so expressive

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  1. just remind Dale about the red merle beaver stage... Bwaaaahaaaaahaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa