Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Arrives

Summer once again arrived in the PNW with a roar - Eugene broke a record at 101, and we had our first day at or above 90 this year, and boy did it hit that mark with a vengence!  For quite awhile I managed an almost 20 degree difference between inside and out - a remarkable feat in a 133 year old house with no A/C - counting on our very cool nights to help me out.  All windows get open at night and fans are used to pull cool night air in and blow hot air out, then as soon as the sun wakes up in the morning, all windows and blinds are shut to try and preserve as much cool in the house as possible.  We are looking at improving the meager insulation in the attic and also installing two solar powered attic fans to help out.  But with just a handful of uncomfortably hot days each year, it makes no sense to try to install central A/C, not worth the intial cost nor the energy cost to run.  And even today we're supposed to be nearly 10 degrees cooler, so our big heatwave was just one very hot day.  Hopefully.

The good news is that the corn is happy as can be!  We harvested the first of the 'Sugar Dots' a few days ago and then again early Friday morning.  Yum!  I knew there was an upside to the heat!

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