Monday, August 13, 2012

ScandiFest 2012

Sunday was the last day of the 52nd annual ScandiFest in Junction City, and we always try to hit it at least once during its 4 day run.  We went fairly early as Sunday was forecast (and proved up to it) to be very hot.  We had to go by Scotty's booth so that Dale could have his venison sausage and we both could have our blackberry tea.  Then, a cruise thru the craft vendors, a stick of freshly spun cotton candy (YUM!) and when the heat started in earnest, back home.  Every year it gets a bit bigger, but the big draw is always, ALWAYS the food.  Gotta hand it to the Swedes, Sons of Norway, Danes and Dutch - no one bakes goodies like they do!

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JC has a huge Scandinavian population, and the kids all learn native dances and love to show them off during ScandiFest

Okay, so not ALL the food was Scandi - this booth selling Polish Italian sausages has been there as long as we've been going

The biggest draw of the Fest is the Abelskivver booth - the line is never short

Scotty's booth (green on the right), the Bellfountain Smokehouse

Some truly lovely carved chairs

The second most important part of the Fest

The FIRST most important part of the Fest

A very cool water sculpture in the Wine Garden

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