Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pups Go A Puttin'

We try to expose the pups to a lot of things while they are here, and being fortunate enough to live on a working cattle ranch, we are rich in stuff to expose them to.  Yesterday and today, it was riding the fencelines in the putt-putt.  On Friday, Tim, his son Jack, Ho Dog, me and Sougan did the riding.  Today, Dale, Ho Dog, me, Sawyer and Sweep did.  They will also go nose-to-nose with a friendly cow in the next few days and next week, we wil show them ducks in the round pen.  And Monday is a big day for the Horde - their first long car ride, all the way to Corvallis for their CERF exam with Doc Maxwell.  And then, the following weekend, all but one are off to their new homes!  Time really just flies along sometimes.

Dale, Sawyer and Ho Dog at the gate to the pasture


Sweep sticks close to Dale

Pretty relaxed at this point

Not sure but Sawyer might just be asleep here

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