Thursday, August 2, 2012

Puppy Pictures Galore

Hey guys, this is Riley's Co-owner (Anna), and now Co-Author/photographer of the Morgan River Ranch Blog. Don't worry, I'm only the Co-Author, Dusty is still the boss of this blog. But due to the massive amount of pictures I end up taking when I visit her, we figured it was easier to let me upload pictures directly from my computer.

Today we (My mother and I) made a visit up to Dusty's house to see the utterly adorable, nearly three week old pups. All of them have opened their eyes and are beginning to crawl around everywhere! It made taking still pictures of them slightly difficult, but I managed. Please try to refrain from getting lip balm all over the screen while viewing the up-coming bounty of over the top, adorable, puppy pictures.
All pictures are © me. Anna.

And I'd like to welcome my new co-author and photog Anna to the blog!  If anyone would like to have her come take pix of your anything, let me know and I'll put you in touch with her.  She do like to take some pix, that girl.  Enjoy!  Dusty

The pile of puppies that greeted me

Sybil clone red merle male, such a sweetie pie!

The Flashy Girl/ Dalmatian Girl trying to crawl out of the puppy bed

Timber (Germany Pup)

First born red tri male has something to say it appears

Cody clone red merle girl - what a pistol she is!

Jan Copy 


I call her "Calico girl" because of her markings, the flashy red merle girl

l think this is the "Cody copy". We couldn't even put her down on the mat because she was wiggling and whining so much when we picked her up, but when the camera started clicking she calmed down and just watched it. 

We call him the "Riley Copy"

Sybil Copy

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