Saturday, August 25, 2012

Out Into The Big Yard

It was getting harder to clean the puppy pen with the residents inside, so this afternoon, Dale suggested it was time to set loose the hounds, release the inmates.  I had Cricket in Kathy and Dave's shirt to smell it up, and I probably should have pulled it off of her before I released the horde, but at least now it REALLY smells.

And the pictures - I'll apologize in advance.  It's happened to me before and it happened again that I somehow moved the dial selector off of 'auto' and onto whatever isn't auto.  So there are some fairly dark pictures; I dumped the worst of them and kept some that were just too cute to give up on, so you may have to squint a bit.

Anyone see  'The Nutcracker' ballet and the part with the woman with the huge hoop skirt with all the little kids dressed as candy underneath?

Yep, that bulge is a coupla kids enjoying the ride and drink
So, they can't wait to get out, and when they're out, they want back in.  Timber scopes out the freshly laundered pen complete with refilled food dish

I know it's dark, but it's cute, like a momma duck and her little ducklings all in a row

Momma Cricket in full on play mode with her kids - magical to watch, hard to shoot.  Especially when your camera settings are incorrect

Spot gets bold

Spot was posed so nicely I had to shoot it

Momma Cricket chases daughter Gypsy

Gypsy gets into the chase by going for mom's nose
This was just too cute - Gypsy, Sawyer and Hoedad face mom

Sawyer goes for the nose while Gypsy and Sweep go for the faucets

Gentle play with Gypsy

Gypsy and Sawyer
That's Sougan's wild looking 'split butt' - merle on the left, solid on the right

Sougan poses pretty with her little nub

Timber, caught with a mouthful of leaves

Mom and Timber playing

Hoedad wants dinner while Sawyer looks on


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  1. I love the 11th pic, where Cricket is sitting looking at the gang of pups in front of her, and they are all looking at her. It looks like she's giving lessons. "Now remember, always wag your tail when..."