Saturday, August 11, 2012

Movin' Out

Wasn't planning on doing the big move quite yet.  Two things changed that plan - first, it didn't get nearly as hot as forecast and second, the horde escaped their pen in the house last night or early this morning, and Lord, the mess they made!  It took Dale and I to clean it all up.  So he redid the X-pen on the deck for a temporary holding pen while he made a ramp alongside the new deck in the big puppy pen outside with gravel.  Then, we moved the little monsters into their new digs, set up our chairs, and just enjoyed the show.  Timber and Hoedad had no problems with the move whatsoever, adapting immediately to lots of new stuff to chew on, including our faces and toes.  And now they have teeth, and sharp little teeth at that.  Eventually, everyone figured out that their new-found freedom had a lot of perks, mostly in the chewability department.  And exploration - of course SOMEONE had to go push themselves behind the doghouses and get stuck right off the bat, but a quick move of the houses made nice little spaces to crawl in and out of.

The other residents of the run, with one exception, figured out really quickly NOT to go near the puppy pen.  The exception would be Gem the Border Collie of course, who just had to get in the pen and consequently got schooled by momma Cricket, who reinforced the whole 'do NOT enter' rule.  Now she just hangs outside, hoping to get back in at some point and play with the new chewtoys.

The solid food is going well, and between that and mom (who won't quit, just like last time), by late afternoon the entire horde was exhausted and so full they couldn't even roll around the pen, so they pretty much crashed wherever they were.  We'll see how tonite goes - mom won't be happy to not be in bed with us for the first time in quite awhile!

Right after taking possession of their new digs

Ah, just like her twin brother Cody from the first litter, the red merle Cody clone would much rather have the serious stuff

Gypsy watches mom with a 'hey, isn't that OUR food' look on her face

'Hey, mom ate all our food!' says Gypsy while Spot comes over to verify all the food is gone

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