Monday, August 13, 2012

Month Old Mugs

A month old.  How times flies!  4 more weeks and everyone heads to their new homes!

In the meantime, I figured everyone was going thru puppy withdrawals, so after feeding and hunting cows this morning and before it got hot enough to send them all to sleep, I did a little camera work.  As you can tell, there is at least ONE pup who is going to be a total camera hound!

I just figured out the slideshow feature isn't working for some reason, so after clicking on a picture, use your back button to go back to the post.  Sorry about that!

Red bi Jan clone Sweep - love that old and wise look from one of the biggest goofballs in the litter

Hoedad gets his fierce look going, just before he attacked the camera.  Brute, that one

Right after attacking the camera, Hoedad makes sure the camera understood who the boss was around these parts

I wasn't going to keep this one but why wouldn't you?  Spot with her tattooed nose and her red merle Cody clone sister get all goofy for the lens
Cody clone red merle girl after frolicking in the water pan

I was trying to get a good shot of Sawyer's face, but he kept falling asleep on the camera

Red bi Jan clone Sweep

Red bi Jan clone Sweep
Hoedad shows off his fat belly

My GOD what a mug on that girl!

Timber goes the artsy route.  I should have named him 'Fast and Furious' because this was as still as I ever saw him the entire time I was out there taking pictures.  NONE of his shots came out due to him being on the go or right up in the camera's lens

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