Thursday, August 9, 2012

Introduction to Solid Food 101

It had to happen eventually.  Today seemed as good a day as any.  So, the first introduction of semi-solid food to the hungry horde went just as expected, actually, maybe better.  No one went swimming in the pan, food fights were minimal and putting mom outside took care of her eating the entire thing herself.

The other first was their first day outside.  Just out to the deck so I could get puppy laundry done as well as some mopping of the floor.  Usually I just let them free range on the floor while I do those things, but they tend to pee everywhere that I just mopped, so I figured might as well get used to being outside before the big move outside this weekend.  Might wait until Monday or Tuesday, as Saturday is supposed to be pretty warm, in the mid-80's up at the ranch.  We'll see.

Everyone watches Sawyer to see if he survives.  He did

More brave explorers.  And that's why I waited to do puppy laundry until AFTER they got their first shot at semi-solid food

Hoedad shows off his food face

Outside on the deck for the first time

Red bi Jan clone girl in front of the fan

The aftermath of the evening feed

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