Monday, August 13, 2012

Cow Hunting

This morning's task - to move Don's bull and cow/calf pairs out of a few hundred acres of oak grubs and regrowth Dougs and up to the home pasture, and hope that the one lone surviving sheep came along for the ride so that we could lasso him and haul him back to the ranch to rejoin our flock.  We got the cattle home okay, but the sheep melted into the depths of the timber at some point along the way and disappeared once again.  One day, we'll manage to corner him and get him back.  In the meantime, Don, Dale and I and Jan, her momma Cricket and Gem the BC (along in case we had a chance to corner the sheep, something she does very, very well) moved the cattle thru the timber and over the creek (twice) until they finally cleared the last gate to the home pasture and the barns.  Jan did a great job convincing Joe the Angus bull that if she said 'go with the women and children' then he damn well better GO with the women and children.  Cricket mopped up stragglers and Gem, who wants nothing to do with cattle if at all possible, made herself scarce for a bit until the last calf cleared the gate.  Glad we got it done early, wish we could have corraled that wether, but we'll have another go another time.

I just couldn't resist the shot of Cricket's tongue.  In the oak grubs, hunting the cattle

Jan heads up the road.  She knew exactly where those cows were

Back behind the cows are two red girls you can't see
Jan leads momma Cricket up the road

On the home stretch

The last calves clear the gate

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