Monday, August 27, 2012

CERF 2012

It was a big day for the 6 week old horde.  Baths first, then a 18 mile ride in Really Big Red (Dale had the Jellybean on another appointment), then weird drops in their eyes, a dark room and a scary person with a funny hat thingy and flashing lights, followed by the ride back home.  The baths went very well, and the ride was a dream with not a single peep out of anyone.  Doc Maxwell at Eastgate just gushed over how well behaved they all were, quiet and cooperative.  She even posted some pix of her faves on her Facebook page!  They all slept on the way home and that was that.  Sougan ended up as I suspected with iris colobomas, a minor cosmetic flaw that doesn't affect her vision except in very bright light, where she might squint a bit.  Otherwise, full marks to everyone!

And it sure was nice to have clean, fluffy pups, at least for a little while....

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