Saturday, August 4, 2012

Catchin' Up - The Viper Goes for a Drive

It's a fairly rare occurance up here to see the Viper out and about, but one fine day, Dale decided to make the tires round again.  Oh yeah, and he also encountered a black bear just by the cemetary on his Viper run!


  1. So glad to see Dale still enjoying his cars. We need to catch up, hope you guys are doing well.

    1. Hey Randy!

      Great to hear from ya! Yep, the Garage Queen did finally see the light of day. A once or twice a year thing up here - besides the weather, we're just pretty busy all the time. But never too busy for guests - you get the time, come on up and see us, we'd love to have ya!

      Say hi to your pop for us, okay?