Saturday, August 4, 2012

Catchin' Up - Shelly and Shae

My pal Shelly and her 13 year old Jazzee daughter Shae (by Kane) arrived for their annual Black Sheep Gathering visit.  Shelly is a spinner/knitter (and she does wish that I had actual woolley sheep instead of hair sheep) and tries not to miss the Gathering.  We made it easier for her by moving to within 30 easy minutes of it, and having a guestroom and of course, allowing dogs to come visit.  We had a fine time - a trip down the coast to Winchester Bay for fresh off the boat seafood, sheep and a cow to chase, a calving that sadly didn't end well, food to eat, wineries to visit and oh yeah, that whole Black Sheep thingy.

While they were here, Shae developed a cancerous tumour on the white of her eye.  Two trips to the ever wonderful Dr. Maxwell at Eastgate in Corvallis and the tumour was gone.  Shelly reports that Shae recovered just fine and dandy, you'd never know that such an ugly thing was ever there.

They'll be back in September to pick up Shelly's new pup.  I'm pretty sure Shae will be less than thrilled about THAT part of the visit!

July 1st, early afternoon and yep, don't think it was even in the 60's.  Shelly and Shae, Southern Cal kids to the core, snuggle on the couch on a lazy day

Shelly brings up the rear with Sybil, Gem the BC and probably Cricket bombing thru the hay pasture, looking for noxious weeds like tansy ragwort and thistle

Shae gets some sheep time.  She's 13, just in case you didn't know that.  Years, not months, old

A very tired Shae with youngster Gem the BC in the putt-putt

Shelly gets her cowgirl on.  Vicky Cristina, the big white heifer, needs a little shot to get her calving underway, so Shelly is carefully working her up towards the barn so I can give it

Success!  Vicky is a very smart heifer and had no intention of going anywhere near the feederbunks, which lead into the squeeze, where she'll get her shots of dex.  Unfortunately, she did calve later that evening, unsuccessfully, but major kudos to Shelly for learning how to move a reluctant cow.  Not bad at all for a city girl from SoCal!

At the Gathering, my fave piece (and everyone's, looking at the award).  This is felted work, very cool

Winchester Bay and a way cool wood carving

Winchester Bay.  The sign says it all

Entrance to the Tsunami Gallery, north of Winchester Bay.  Those are not real people - they are life-sized bronzes!

Shae makes herself comfortable in the softest spot she can find outside

Dining al fresco, a fave activity for visitors to the ranch

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