Sunday, August 5, 2012

Catchin' Up - The Historic Hull-Oakes Sawmill Tour

Don Oakes (yep, the sawmill is part of his legacy) was our tour guide for a very special tour for our very special guests from Germany (Michaela, Matt and family), California (little bro Stan and family) and Wisconsin (little bro Jim and family).  Don does tours his way, which means we got to see stuff the regular tours don't, and of course, get first-hand stories of days past in the sawmill's history.  This sawmill is one of the last remaining steam-operated sawmills in the world, and the largest this side of the Mississippi.  When the really big sticks come down, this is where they come to turn into lumber.

I just can't thank Don enough for all he does for us, both when we have guests and when we just have a need of help.  More people like Don and his wonderful wife Donna in the world would mean a much better world, truly.  They are, without a doubt, the finest neighbours one could ever hope to live near even once in a lifetime.

At the office for check in, Don explains the beginnings of the sawmill to his audience

Naked log, just thru the ring debarker, a very nasty piece of equipment

Bro Stan, Bro Jim, Sis-in-law Steph and Matt watch the massive saw make lumber out of logs

The whole gang poses in front of some small stuff in the lumberyard

The awe-inspiring line of historic logging trucks.  The only one not there was the ancient Model T log hauler, in the shop being gussied up for a parade

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