Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Attack of the Killer Potato

While harvesting last night's dinner yesterday morn, I was digging some fingerling and baby potatoes (or so I thought) for the smoker stew, when I started to dig one potato.  And, kept digging around it, trying to figure out where it ended.  When I finally pulled it out, I was shocked at the size of that monster!  Not a special variety (Yellow Finn) bred to grow big enough to feed a family of four with one potato, but just an ordinary potato.

This year, I didn't do the potato boxes, as the last season wasn't a good one for potatoes (for anyone around here, not just us) and I didn't order new seed potatoes this spring.  But the potatoes left from last year's meager harvest had started sprouting in the pantry, so I just took 'em out and literally tossed them on a vacant bed.  I dug a trench for one group and just covered the other group with some soil.  The results were fascinating.  The trenched group thus far has produced the most, including the killer potato, and those vines are already dying back.  The vines in the upper group are still pretty green and growing, so they're not done yet.  It will be interesting to see how they shake out.

In the meantime, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, cukes, broccoli and of course the potatoes graced our table last night.  We both ate so much of the salad that we really didn't even want the stew!

Taters on the bottom, delicate lettuce on the top, coupla eggs from the Gangsta Girls on the side

Just over 11 pounds of produce (taking into account the weight of the harvest bag, absolutely the best investment for the garden ever)

Just shy of 1.5 pounds of 'Yellow Finn' potato

I have big hands, but this is a big potato

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