Thursday, August 16, 2012

4 Weeks; What a Difference photo dump!

Hey guys! Co-author Anna here! My mother and I made our way up to Dusty's again so we could take more photos and see the difference between about 2 1/2 weeks and 4 weeks of age. It's crazy. Go back and look at my first photo dump of the pups (Titled Puppy Picture Galore) and then look at these guys. It's a little hard to capture puppy personality on camera, but they are starting to really come out as individual pups. All photos are ©
Timber was having a ball chewing on my mothers shoe.

Noo! Ew! You're not supposed to kiss me!  Spot on the bottom, sister Gypsy on top

What is that?! (Hoedad's look to Sougan for stepping on him instead of going around...)

Dusty cuddling with Sweep the red bi girl

Saywer posing for the camera

"Well hello there..."  Hoedad finds Leslie's shoe quite comfortable

Timber mug!



I know.. It's bleached out. But I actually like the shot.  Sougan looks ever so appealing

Spot was falling asleep on my moms shoe...

Timber was hiding behind the chairs


"Oh my 'Lanta!"  Sougan pops a big one for the camera

Such a happy face...
All photos are ©Anna.

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