Saturday, July 21, 2012

Them Boys of Summer

It was a busy summer morning on the ranch today.  First, Pony got his scheduled mani-pedi courtesy of Butch and his sidekick Baxter the Cardigan Corgi from Hell.  Then, it was time to weigh and worm all the cows and put a halter on the two bull calves for the first time.  It actually didn't go too bad at all, altho Zamora's momma LeeLu decided she'd rather not, thank you, but finally was persueded with some tasty grass and clover seed screenings to go into the alley onto the scales.  Then it was time to rodeo.  The calves, especially little Zazu, can turn around in the alley, so Dale had put together a 2X12 that he could hang on the rails to prevent that.  For the most part, it worked, but of course tiny Zazu had no problem going the wrong way once she was done with the weighing and worming.  It was fine tho, she got some hands on time because of that and I think she was okay with being rubbed and scratched by me.  After some finagling, we finally got halters on both boys and then the real rodeo started.  Zinger was, as expected, very easy with the halter training.  Zam, on the other hand, was as feisty as I expected.  He wasn't in the least bit mean nor did he or Zinger ever lift a foot to kick, but Dale ended up putting a longer lead on the halter to give him more room to wear himself out.  And, he eventually did.  And I stood in the middle of four calves in very close quarters and nary a kick to be had from anybody, which was nice of them.

The stats.  Zamora's date of birth is 2 March, birth weight was 80#.  His weight today is 500#.  JB Roar (aka Baby Boy) is his sire, HD Vanya 236V is his dam.  Paternal grandsire is Willalooka Pharoah, maternal grandsire is The Glen Manuel S214.

Zinger's date of birth is 15 March, birth weight was 75#.  His weight today is 385#.  JB Roar is his sire, 09 Vanlda 274V is his dam.  Paternal grandsire is Willalooka Pharoah, maternal grandsire is 09 McKinley 240T.

Zamora is $2200, Zinger is $2100. 

Little Zazu (front) leads big bros Zinger (dun) and Zamora to the feederbunks.  In the background you can see Scooby the dairy steer nursing off adoptive momma Dawn.  Scooby is younger than either boy

Zinger, dun and Zamora along with Joy the silver heifer (Warrook Zenda X HD Vanya)

Zinger, front, Zamora behind

Poor Zamora.  Doesn't matter how hard I try, I cannot get a good picture of him!

Zamora with long yearling heifer Hilda (black)

Zinger cautiously checks out one of the Gangsta Girls

Zinger was such an easy calf to halter break.  This is Dale with him literally minutes after putting on the halter

Then, there was Zamora.  He wasn't so keen on it.  I think he'll do fine with some work tho, as he was not nasty about it at all, just unhappy.  Again, not a good picture - he's longer than he looks here, but not as long as Zinger.  Just thicker

Outside after being show sheened and brushed to make him all nice and shiny

Ever see bees flock to a blob of honey on the ground?  Dale's got Zam on the halter and he's in the middle of a group of very concerned momma cows, including his momma LeeLu (HD Vanya), the big dun on the left

Don't ask me why.  They didn't do this with Zinger.  But Zinger wasn't making pitiful noises either
Mom keeps an eye on things from behind

If this looks like some sort of circus act, trust me, it isn't.  Dale entertains daddy Roar with the show stick while I try to get a good shot of Zam's big butt

Still not a good shot but at least he doesn't look all scrunched up

Daddy Roar's big butt checks out his son's

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