Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Garden

I've been neglecting the garden, picture-wise, this year.  It's been pretty darn good considering the freezing cold spring and first month of summer we've had.  And it still hasn't touched 90 here at the ranch this year yet, not that I want it to particularly.  But things are going great and we're finally starting to get some dinner and lunch menu items out of it with more coming.  The potatoes I've been digging came from the last of the ones from last year that were in the pantry and sprouting, so I just stuck 'em in the ground.  And now I'm harvesting 'Yellow Finn', 'German Butterball' and 'Princess LaRata' fingerlings for dinner and man are they good!  The grafted 'Black Krim' heirloom tomatoes are incredibly rich and juicy and taste like what a tomato should taste like.  The cukes are doing well; I only planted two this year as I still have an abundance in the pantry and didn't think I needed to pickle this year.  The kids, all 6 of them that were here a few weeks ago visiting, mowed thru the blueberries and 'Fall Gold' raspberries as well as the thuggish strawberries, and even went down to Don and Donna's to raid their raspberry and blueberry bushes.  The blackberries are looking really good for late August I think; I thinned the vines heavily this spring so it's a light crop this year but that will mean huge, juicy berries.  The 'Sugar Dots' and 'Quickie' corn are almost ready to harvest the first ears, and the second planting is doing great.  The pepper experiment continues, with half planted outside on green plastic and half in pots in the greenhouse - the greenhouse ones are battling aphids right now so I'm hittin' 'em with soap to keep them knocked down.  I harvested a 'Copra' onion this afternoon for the roast and the rest are starting to fall over, meaning they are about ready to harvest. 

So it is a good year for the garden.

The potato bed

Two different broccoli and the 'Cheddar' cauliflower down the middle of the bed

The grafted 'Black Krim' and 'Purple Cherokee' tomatoes

Garden overview


Marigolds and free range snaps

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