Monday, July 30, 2012


Friday, Jan and I saddled up Really Big Red and headed up to Corvallis to Peoria Gardens big sale.  They are a wholesale nursery, and at the end of their season of growing and selling to local retail outlets, they quietly open up their greenhouses full of 'leftovers' to the public at unbelievable prices.  My first trip there I filled the Jellybean to the roof for $60 and that included four huge hanging baskets of the type you'd expect to pay $40+ at a retail nursery - $10 each at Peoria.  Jan's first trip was with her son's F-450 dually, and she filled it about half full only because she couldn't reach any further to load any more stuff.  And we lucked out on Friday, as it was the last day of the public sale and prices were beyond belief.  We filled the dually 2/3 fulls, then hit another nursery on the way home and managed to fill up the back seat (and it's a SuperCrew, so it's a BIG backseat).  I didn't really have a vision for the stumpots until I got home with my loot.  I knew I wanted tough stuff in their that would look really cool, and somehow I managed to bring home exactly what I needed to achieve that looks - grasses and succulents.  Tough, heat and drought tolerant, cool looking - what more could I ask for?  And Jan was so thrilled with the whole concept that we rooted thru the rest of the logs and found three more stumpots for her place.

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  1. I love these!!! You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.