Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pups - One Week

One week old, and I swear they are twice as big as they were when they were born.  Mom's got plenty to go around; at times, I'll pull one or two out of the rotation for a few hours just because they are so fat that they roll around rather than crawl.  Lots of vocalization going on now - little growls, some yips, even a little howl the other night.

Another week and we should have open eyes and ears.  That's when things start getting interesting!

Admit it - you just kissed your monitor, didn't you?  Cody clone red merle girl, uber kissable nose

Flashy red merle girl, another kissable nose.  Might have happened a time or three already

Laundry day, out of the pool for a bedding change

Caution - Merging Merles.  Flashy red merle girl, Sybil clone red merle male, Cody clone red merle girl

Sybil clone red merle male catches a few zzzzzz's

Sybil clone red merle male, all shiny and new

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