Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Like Daughter, Like Mother

Around 10:15 last night, the phone rang.  It was our pal Carla a few miles away.  She and Trent had bought Velvet, a Ruffie and Roar daughter two years ago, and now Velvet was due any day, bred to Tali, a Ruffie and JB Prized son down in Crow.  Well, she surprised everyone with having her little girl all on her own without anyone knowing just a few minutes prior to the call!  Ultra cute little 55# black heifer calf currently without a name, but one coming soon ('Z' years are hard on us).

And momma Ruffie was threatening to calve herself last night.  Final bed check found her snoozing soundly, so I left her snoring in the middle of the herd and went to bed.  We went over early to see the new granddaughter of Velvet and Tali, and when we got back around 0830, it was obvious that Ruffie's baby was on its way.  I was checking her out from the window about every 5 minutes or so starting around 0930 when she went down for the first time.  At just before 1000, she was down again, but I figured since I hadn't seen her down but about 2 times since 0930, I had plenty of time for some toast and coffee.  I made a cuppa, glanced out the window, saw she was up again.  I watched for a few minutes, thinking she was going to sniff around for that special spot one more time and go down again, when I saw something flopping in front of her nose!  That's my girl - no fuss, no muss, just get'er done and get doing.  I hadn't seen a water bag, mucous, nothing at all to say that not only was the baby on the way, it was almost there.

I went out, camera in hand of course, and found a lively, big, dark silver bull calf - only her second son after Tali.  She's been my dependable heifer maker with Roar for several years now, so this was something of a surprise.  All 84# of boy, healthy and strong and up in minutes, Morgan Rivers Zendehas, aka 'Zenda' was searching for the dripping teats with intent to drain as much as possible.

And so we are done for the calving year, with a gaggle of pregnant cows and one soon-to-be pregnant cow ready to start all over again next year!

Velvet's first daughter, about 9 hours old

First time momma Velvet is a great mom

Zenda the newborn with his cheerleaders looks to take a stand for the first time

The girls are in agony, trying to help him up by thoughtwaves only

You can see the strain on their faces

And, he's up!

Big bro Zamora 'Hey, can I play with him now?  Can I, can I?' while momma LeeLu tries to keep him in check

Okay, admit it once more - you just kissed your monitor again, didn't you?

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