Friday, July 20, 2012

Ho Dog to the Rescue, More or Less

It was a relatively normal morning.  Cuppa joe, start a load of puppy bedding, feed momma Cricket, look out the window and see two sheep moseying up Foster Road to the west of the maternity pasture.  Wait - sheep in the road??  Yep, the two boys we gave to Don and Donna for their pasture weed control were meandering up along our fenceline, saying hi to their pals in our round pen, snacking on whatever got near their mouths.  I rang Donna, who said that the log truck drivers must have left the gate open last night during the violent thunderstorms we had all night and into the early morning hours, and the sheep probably got spooked and found it open and out they went.  She gathered up Jan, I got the ol' man, and she came up from the south while Ho and I worked them down from the north toward the gate.  The pix are not great, but I was taking them on the fly and as we got close to the gate had to stop to concentrate on placing Ho so that they would go thru it, as you cannot see it from the road at all.  Donna used her car to block the one driveway on the way down the hill, but Ho actually had them pretty well pushed to the gate side of the road most of the way, so it was not a problem.  He made one strong move to the outside, they hesitated a moment, he took one step and they turned and went in the gate, just like that.  Donna and I heaved it closed, and all was well.  We loaded the ol' man into her car and brought him home, as he was pretty well done in by then.

That is, until this evening when Mark was driving down Foster headed home and called us to say, hey did you know that two of your sheep are out on Foster Road?  This time, he just pushed them with his Ranger pickup until he met Donna at the gate, and they knew the drill by then.  Needless to say, trucker Dennis is gonna get an earful from his mom tonite about that gate.