Monday, July 16, 2012

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner!

You know you've been waiting for these, so here they are - 7 pups, 3 males, 4 females.  1 tri male, 1 bi male, 1 merle male, 3 merle females and 1 bi female.  Cricket had us up all night basically, and at 1:15 this afternoon the first boy popped out butt first, followed by his sister less than 5 minutes later.  And so it went until the last pup, a clone of Jan, was born at exactly 5 pm.  No problems at all, heck some of the pups are up on their legs already!  I apologize for the pictures; I was trying to corral a rowdy newborn and keep them from falling off the counter while trying to shoot a picture.  Didn't go as well as I'd hoped.  But of course, there will be more.

In the meantime, the grungy laundry has been washed, the pool cleaned and fresh bedding in place, mom fed and the babes are either eating or having eaten as much as they could, snoozing under mom or on the heating pad. 

Enjoy!  The first set is minutes after birth, the second set after all the pups were born.

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