Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another Tree Tragedy

Morning surprises just keep on comin'.  The other day, it was sheep on Foster Road.  This morning, it was a gaggle of cows chowing down on as many apples as they could cram into their mouths off the massive limb that one of the ancient 'Gravenstein' trees in the maternity pasture shed during the night.  Thankfully, it missed the bee box and just took out the electric fence around the beeyard and one of the planters.  We chainsawed that sucker into managable bits and hauled most of it out to the horse, goat and sheep in the south pasture, made ultra cool planters out of two of the rotted out hunks of wood, had some good pieces for firewood and then the cows got to go back into the maternity pasture and clean up the apples and leaves.

I fear that is the death knell for that tree.  This limb was completely hollow for a good bit of it right off the trunk, and what was left on the trunk was very soft, wet and spongy.  The last remaining limb is probably in just as bad a shape, so it's just a matter of time, I fear.

I have plans for the remaining trunk when that happens, however.....

The cows chow down

Amazing how great a job they can do given enough time.  Not a stick left

The bee box survived; the planter, well, maybe

One of the T posts for the beeyard, supporting a coupla thousand pounds of wood

That wood on the trunk might look healthy and all, but it's soggy and spongy.  That dark spot in the centre is pure compost

The flattened planter.  We righted it, trimmed all the broken lupine and yarrow and daisies, watered it and now we just wait and see if it comes back
Most of the little stuff trimmed and loaded, ready to make one horse, one goat and a bunch of sheep VERY happy

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