Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Pile o' Pups

I know, you're going thru withdrawls, so here is a little something to tide you over until I can get more indi shots of the horde.

Major kudo's to our wonderful friend and vet Ryan, who had a very late night Tuesday night, went into the clinic early on Wednesday, worked all day and then drove all the way up to the ranch to do tails and dewclaws Wednesday night.  I honestly don't know how he does it or what we'd do without him, but Ryan, we can't thank you enough (and yes, I know you're peeking at the blog!)!

Everybody is doing great, gaining well and mom's got plenty of milk to go around.  Don, who owns (or is owned by) Jan from the first litter, came by to see them this morning.  Surprisingly, Cricket not only didn't eat him, she allowed him to hold the pups.  I had to frisk him before he left, just to make sure he was leaving empty handed and Donna did the same to him when he got home.  Poor guy can't catch a break.

And, we have a name theme!  Michaela and family from Germany took the lead when they named their red bi boy 'Timber'.  We are in the middle of Oregon's finest timber country, Don's a logger from WAAAAAY back, the historic Hull-Oakes sawmill is just down the road (and our German friends and my brothers and their families took a tour while they were here with none other than mill namesake Don (Oakes) leading the tour), so with help from Anna, co-owner of Riley from the first litter, we are coming up with timber/logging themed names.  Now, that'll be fun and relevant.


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