Monday, July 30, 2012

2 Weeks

You've been waiting patiently, and your patience is now rewarded.  The Barbarians at 2 weeks - most eyes are opening or already opened and the red bi girl has exited the pool once already.  They are starting to chew on each other and us humans as well, testing out those gums.  Much growling goes on after mealtimes as the horde bangs around and into each other at a full 'run'.  The fun is just beginning.  Taking pictures is now becoming an Olympic sport - trying to steady the camera with one hand and prevent an accidental fall off the table with other while trying to position a fat, wriggling worm intent on going anywhere but where I want him or her to stay and at top speed.  I think I lack the required number of hands/arms to do the job!

Don't forget to click on the first pix for the full slideshow, unless you have an iPad - doesn't work there for some reason, at least not on mine.

Still unsure if there will be white body splashes on her or not yet.  Definitely a big dilute patch tho, pity that

Already working on her 'creep'

Mr. Milkmouth.  Pulled him off the tit, he wasn't all that thrilled about that!

Yep, Timber has a tail, because in Germany, that's the way they like 'em and I don't blame 'em!

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