Monday, July 30, 2012

2 Weeks

You've been waiting patiently, and your patience is now rewarded.  The Barbarians at 2 weeks - most eyes are opening or already opened and the red bi girl has exited the pool once already.  They are starting to chew on each other and us humans as well, testing out those gums.  Much growling goes on after mealtimes as the horde bangs around and into each other at a full 'run'.  The fun is just beginning.  Taking pictures is now becoming an Olympic sport - trying to steady the camera with one hand and prevent an accidental fall off the table with other while trying to position a fat, wriggling worm intent on going anywhere but where I want him or her to stay and at top speed.  I think I lack the required number of hands/arms to do the job!

Don't forget to click on the first pix for the full slideshow, unless you have an iPad - doesn't work there for some reason, at least not on mine.

Still unsure if there will be white body splashes on her or not yet.  Definitely a big dilute patch tho, pity that

Already working on her 'creep'

Mr. Milkmouth.  Pulled him off the tit, he wasn't all that thrilled about that!

Yep, Timber has a tail, because in Germany, that's the way they like 'em and I don't blame 'em!

Home Grown and Tasty to the Max

Just for my pal Leslie down Lorane way, two more 'Black Krim' grafted heirloom 'maters picked yesterday afternoon.  These were in the middle of the cage so didn't get as dark as the ones on the outside, but man were they good!

Leslie, I did save you one, but guess you'll have to come up and get it.  Oh, yeah - guess you'd have to see them pups at the same time, no sense in wastin' a trip, right?


Friday, Jan and I saddled up Really Big Red and headed up to Corvallis to Peoria Gardens big sale.  They are a wholesale nursery, and at the end of their season of growing and selling to local retail outlets, they quietly open up their greenhouses full of 'leftovers' to the public at unbelievable prices.  My first trip there I filled the Jellybean to the roof for $60 and that included four huge hanging baskets of the type you'd expect to pay $40+ at a retail nursery - $10 each at Peoria.  Jan's first trip was with her son's F-450 dually, and she filled it about half full only because she couldn't reach any further to load any more stuff.  And we lucked out on Friday, as it was the last day of the public sale and prices were beyond belief.  We filled the dually 2/3 fulls, then hit another nursery on the way home and managed to fill up the back seat (and it's a SuperCrew, so it's a BIG backseat).  I didn't really have a vision for the stumpots until I got home with my loot.  I knew I wanted tough stuff in their that would look really cool, and somehow I managed to bring home exactly what I needed to achieve that looks - grasses and succulents.  Tough, heat and drought tolerant, cool looking - what more could I ask for?  And Jan was so thrilled with the whole concept that we rooted thru the rest of the logs and found three more stumpots for her place.

What A Mug!

Every night the pups get to hang out with us and watch reality TV shows.  Thus far, no one has tossed their cookies at the bad scripted dialogue and bad words being bleeped out every microsecond or so, making these pretty tough pups indeed.  Last night the flashy red merle girl fell asleep, more or less, and I figured to really try out the camera with some closeups without the flash.  Their eyes are just opening so no flash photos allowed.  This was the best of what I shot.  Enjoy, and don't forget to wipe the Chapstick off your monitor before you leave for the day.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jeepers, Peepers!

We always knew that girls rule.  Red bi girl opened her eyes first, started yesterday and about fully opened today.  23 shots, 3 sorta keepers - once the ol' peepers opened up, she was off to the races.

The Lunchwagon at 11 Days

To paraphrase a famous movie line - 'we're gonna need a bigger lunchwagon'

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Garden

I've been neglecting the garden, picture-wise, this year.  It's been pretty darn good considering the freezing cold spring and first month of summer we've had.  And it still hasn't touched 90 here at the ranch this year yet, not that I want it to particularly.  But things are going great and we're finally starting to get some dinner and lunch menu items out of it with more coming.  The potatoes I've been digging came from the last of the ones from last year that were in the pantry and sprouting, so I just stuck 'em in the ground.  And now I'm harvesting 'Yellow Finn', 'German Butterball' and 'Princess LaRata' fingerlings for dinner and man are they good!  The grafted 'Black Krim' heirloom tomatoes are incredibly rich and juicy and taste like what a tomato should taste like.  The cukes are doing well; I only planted two this year as I still have an abundance in the pantry and didn't think I needed to pickle this year.  The kids, all 6 of them that were here a few weeks ago visiting, mowed thru the blueberries and 'Fall Gold' raspberries as well as the thuggish strawberries, and even went down to Don and Donna's to raid their raspberry and blueberry bushes.  The blackberries are looking really good for late August I think; I thinned the vines heavily this spring so it's a light crop this year but that will mean huge, juicy berries.  The 'Sugar Dots' and 'Quickie' corn are almost ready to harvest the first ears, and the second planting is doing great.  The pepper experiment continues, with half planted outside on green plastic and half in pots in the greenhouse - the greenhouse ones are battling aphids right now so I'm hittin' 'em with soap to keep them knocked down.  I harvested a 'Copra' onion this afternoon for the roast and the rest are starting to fall over, meaning they are about ready to harvest. 

So it is a good year for the garden.

The potato bed

Two different broccoli and the 'Cheddar' cauliflower down the middle of the bed

The grafted 'Black Krim' and 'Purple Cherokee' tomatoes

Garden overview


Marigolds and free range snaps