Monday, June 11, 2012

A Perfect Day to Mow

Yesterday saw picture perfect weather, after the past few stormy, cold days, and the grass in the pastures was going to seed.  Most stock prefer not to eat grass seed heads and I don't blame them.  Plus, mowing off the seed heads fools the grass into thinking it hasn't fulfilled its duty to reproduce, so it tends to keep growing.  And one more added bonus - the cut grass falls down and shades the ground, keeping it damp longer and then decomposing into organic matter that nourishes next year's grass.  However, all the goodness comes at a cost - hours and hours of going around the pastures on Big Orange, a sort of NASCAR parody played out in very slow motion, and without the spectacular crashes that are the real reason people watch it.

Haying is next; Ed's already cutting most of his pastures and when he's done, we'll be ready to go.  Took us a full two feeding seasons to get thru the massive cutting of 2010 when we got almost 4 tons/acre out of our 10 acre hay pasture; we don't expect anywhere near that much this time around as we didn't fertilize as heavy as we did that year.  And, we left the cows on it much longer this year too.  We'd be happy with a ton an acre or a touch more or less.

Dale chugs up the north side of the south pasture along the centre fenceline

The view from the driver's seat, headed west along the centre fenceline of the south pasture

That's what it looks like - for a long, long time it seems.  Looking east in the south pasture

Downwind leg in the south pasture, headed east along the south fenceline

Pony and his homies in the shade of the Legacy Oregon White Oak in the south pasture.  I don't blame them - it was a scorching 66 degrees at the time

Just a nice view of the big silver barn from the south pasture, looking NW

Pony's pals, sacked out.  Eating grass all day is exhausting work apparently

Just another nice shot

Pony pushes his minions up the hill towards water in the late afternoon.  Pepperpot the goat hangs back to push any stragglers

Dale makes yet another pass up the centre fenceline

The Ol' Man and Cricket, making sure that if the putt-putt is going anywhere, they're going with it

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