Monday, June 11, 2012

Girl's Day Out

We have a saying in Western Oregon - if you don't do it when it's raining out, you'll never do it.  Thus, when Friday's Girl's Day Out turned up rainy and cold, well, we just went ahead and loaded up in the Jellybean and headed out anyway.  Tanya, Bonnie, Jan and I hit Tommy's Diner in Corvallis for breakfast, then headed north to Keizer (north of Salem) to Schreiner's Iris Nursery where we spent a couple of hours oohing and aahing over the bounty of beautiful iris' there.  A quick stop at the DQ on the way to Molalla, then a visit with Steph and her cows to see the new arrivals (all Roar kids).  From there, we wandered about looking for Mid-America Iris and instead found Sebright Hostas and Stuff, which turned out to be owned by the owner of Mid-America anyway.  After that, we flew down to Lebanon for a delightful visit with Denise of Snow Peak Iris, who not only gave us the full on tour of her growing fields and greenhouses but also the house gardens.  Then, a late dinner at the Greenberry Tavern before dropping Tanya off at her ranch and then heading back home.  It was a great day for the girls in spite of the weather, and we all came home with something (or several somethings) to plant except for Bonnie, who doesn't have her gardens up and running yet down at the new ranch in Roseburg.  But when she gets it all ready, she's coming back up with truck and trailer I'm sure!

Schreiner's, in between downpours, outside.  Jan (light blue), Bonnie (red) and Tanya

Sebright's beautiful grounds and gardens

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