Monday, June 11, 2012

Candid Cows

Bonnie came up from Roseburg on Thursday for our Friday 'Girls Day Out' and of course she took a few pictures, as did Dale and I.  Enjoy!

Millie eyes Dale's swing longingly

Most of the gang out grazing on a very cool late spring day

Liza, Misty and Hilda (black) pose for the camera

This was just such a stunning shot when I downloaded it!

Liza the pest annoys Bonnie who is trying to get another cow other than her to pose for the camera

Yep, that's Bonnie and her rig.  You'll note that Bonnie is bundled to the hilt, complete with earmuffs.  In June

A funny shot of Roar being, well, Roar

Kinda like the cover of a romance novel - the spurned woman (probably Misty) and the strong, handsome but arrogant stud in a tension-filled moment on the Scottish moor.  Or, perhaps, the windswept north pasture of the Morgan River Ranch in Bellfountain, Oregon, a somewhat less exotic locale

Zoomie and her awesome butt

And the reason why Bonnie was bundled up

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