Monday, June 11, 2012

Girl's Day Out

We have a saying in Western Oregon - if you don't do it when it's raining out, you'll never do it.  Thus, when Friday's Girl's Day Out turned up rainy and cold, well, we just went ahead and loaded up in the Jellybean and headed out anyway.  Tanya, Bonnie, Jan and I hit Tommy's Diner in Corvallis for breakfast, then headed north to Keizer (north of Salem) to Schreiner's Iris Nursery where we spent a couple of hours oohing and aahing over the bounty of beautiful iris' there.  A quick stop at the DQ on the way to Molalla, then a visit with Steph and her cows to see the new arrivals (all Roar kids).  From there, we wandered about looking for Mid-America Iris and instead found Sebright Hostas and Stuff, which turned out to be owned by the owner of Mid-America anyway.  After that, we flew down to Lebanon for a delightful visit with Denise of Snow Peak Iris, who not only gave us the full on tour of her growing fields and greenhouses but also the house gardens.  Then, a late dinner at the Greenberry Tavern before dropping Tanya off at her ranch and then heading back home.  It was a great day for the girls in spite of the weather, and we all came home with something (or several somethings) to plant except for Bonnie, who doesn't have her gardens up and running yet down at the new ranch in Roseburg.  But when she gets it all ready, she's coming back up with truck and trailer I'm sure!

Schreiner's, in between downpours, outside.  Jan (light blue), Bonnie (red) and Tanya

Sebright's beautiful grounds and gardens

East Coast Comes to Oregon

Our pals from Mass. (I know I can't spell it, won't even try, it's the state where Boston is), Jim and Pam, came out for a good visit to celebrate Jim's retirement after 50 years at Firestone and also he and Pam's anniversary.  We did it up right - lots of wine tasting and sightseeing.  They then headed out to Boise to see their son, spending the day and night in Bend, and after visiting with Jim Jr., heading back to PDX to catch a flight home.  We truly enjoy our summer visitors - and this year we have lots - and always hope they leave the ranch having had a great time here in our bit of paradise

Jim, Pam and Dale head into the Tillamook Cheese Factory

A beautiful view from a little coastal wayside in Wheeler, Oregon



Dale, Pam and the ever patient Jellybean await Jim and I in Wheeler

Cool bike rack decor and the old train depot above

At Camp 18, Pam poses with Bigfoot

The sign Jim's been looking for since I first told him about Camp 18

Still looking at the cinnamon roll sign

Do you see what I see here?  Camp 18

The new tasting room at Left Coast Cellars

Left Coast
High Pass Vineyard, just south of the ranch

The view from the new tasting room at Left Coast

Left Coast

Where it all happens at St. Innocents Winery
Enjoying dining al fresco

St. Innocents

Candid Cows

Bonnie came up from Roseburg on Thursday for our Friday 'Girls Day Out' and of course she took a few pictures, as did Dale and I.  Enjoy!

Millie eyes Dale's swing longingly

Most of the gang out grazing on a very cool late spring day

Liza, Misty and Hilda (black) pose for the camera

This was just such a stunning shot when I downloaded it!

Liza the pest annoys Bonnie who is trying to get another cow other than her to pose for the camera

Yep, that's Bonnie and her rig.  You'll note that Bonnie is bundled to the hilt, complete with earmuffs.  In June

A funny shot of Roar being, well, Roar

Kinda like the cover of a romance novel - the spurned woman (probably Misty) and the strong, handsome but arrogant stud in a tension-filled moment on the Scottish moor.  Or, perhaps, the windswept north pasture of the Morgan River Ranch in Bellfountain, Oregon, a somewhat less exotic locale

Zoomie and her awesome butt

And the reason why Bonnie was bundled up

A Little Flower Show

For your enjoyment, a mini flower show from the ranch

'Alychymist' in full bloom, showing off all the different colours.  On a warm day, the fragrance will stop you in your tracks

The gazebo area, showcasing my 'pot addiction' nicely

The basalt rock fountain next to the steps to the deck

'Tiger Honey' iris

'Playboy' floribunda rose

'Playboy' the bush, with Ho Dog in front to show its massive size.  He's not a small dog, and the rain has mashed the bush down a bit


'Savoy Hotel', a pure, satin pink and hugely fragrant English rose

'Savoy' and friend

A Perfect Day to Mow

Yesterday saw picture perfect weather, after the past few stormy, cold days, and the grass in the pastures was going to seed.  Most stock prefer not to eat grass seed heads and I don't blame them.  Plus, mowing off the seed heads fools the grass into thinking it hasn't fulfilled its duty to reproduce, so it tends to keep growing.  And one more added bonus - the cut grass falls down and shades the ground, keeping it damp longer and then decomposing into organic matter that nourishes next year's grass.  However, all the goodness comes at a cost - hours and hours of going around the pastures on Big Orange, a sort of NASCAR parody played out in very slow motion, and without the spectacular crashes that are the real reason people watch it.

Haying is next; Ed's already cutting most of his pastures and when he's done, we'll be ready to go.  Took us a full two feeding seasons to get thru the massive cutting of 2010 when we got almost 4 tons/acre out of our 10 acre hay pasture; we don't expect anywhere near that much this time around as we didn't fertilize as heavy as we did that year.  And, we left the cows on it much longer this year too.  We'd be happy with a ton an acre or a touch more or less.

Dale chugs up the north side of the south pasture along the centre fenceline

The view from the driver's seat, headed west along the centre fenceline of the south pasture

That's what it looks like - for a long, long time it seems.  Looking east in the south pasture

Downwind leg in the south pasture, headed east along the south fenceline

Pony and his homies in the shade of the Legacy Oregon White Oak in the south pasture.  I don't blame them - it was a scorching 66 degrees at the time

Just a nice view of the big silver barn from the south pasture, looking NW

Pony's pals, sacked out.  Eating grass all day is exhausting work apparently

Just another nice shot

Pony pushes his minions up the hill towards water in the late afternoon.  Pepperpot the goat hangs back to push any stragglers

Dale makes yet another pass up the centre fenceline

The Ol' Man and Cricket, making sure that if the putt-putt is going anywhere, they're going with it